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In this day and age that we live in, most people have smart phones, or computers with calendars on them. I have a smart phone and I use my calendar, matter of fact, my husband and I have our calendars linked together, so he will know what I am doing and not to plan anything on those days....and vice versa!

Even though we have all this technology, I still like to write things down from time to time. I know when I have dead lines to meet, I usually grab an envelope to write on, and leave it in my office area at home. I used to use those sticky notes, but they are not big enough for my to-do lists, so I graduated to the envelope!

I was recently given the opportunity to design my own personal planner over at Personal-Planner.com. The whole process of designing my own planner was really simple. There were several options that I could choose from:

On the outside:
- Upload personal pictures for front and back cover from desktop and Instagram
- Change background, size, font, lining, images

On the inside:
- Pick what month you want your planner to start
- Design writing space details; “work”, “workout schedule”, “exam schedules”, “to-do lists”, “goals”
- Include personal calendar dates as birthdays and holidays
- Add extra pages in the back for addresses, lined pages, coloring pages

I just ordered mine and cannot wait to get it in, so I can start using it!

Their planners are great for busy moms, like myself---and you! So it is a perfect Mothers Day gift!

Disclosure: I was given product for this Mother's Day Gift Guide. Read my disclosure policy here

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