Moonlight Masquerade Ball + 7th Heaven Naturals Facial Masques Reveiw

Recently we hosted (along with several other parents) a Moonlight Masquerade Ball for our Junior and Seniors. Our theme was "The Face Behind the Mask." We had the perfect place (a Theatre!), the perfect room, and I had a great group of ladies to work with, which made this Masquerade Ball a success.

The decorations, food choices, and games could not have been better! The girls were beautiful in their dresses, and all the guys looked very sharp in their suits. 

Brother and Sister (my Juniors!)

As a guilty pleasure, cheesecake was our dessert choice.

It was such a fun night, it made all the work (and stressing!) worth it. One of the party favors that got sent home with all the girls and moms were 7th Heaven Facial Masques.

7th Heaven Naturals is a company that makes 100% all natural, facial masques! These vegetarian, eco, cruelty free masques include ingredients found from all over the world! Greg, a vegetarian guru and founder of 7th Heaven Naturals, travels far and wide to discover pure natural gems for his herbalists to transform into these wonderful masques! 

Currently there are 6 masques: Miracle Mud, White Thai Mud, Moroccan Clay, Clean up Mud, Detox Mud and Million Year Mud! They all aim to do something unique! 

After a long day of decorating, and having fun with their friends, the facial masques were a much welcomed treat for my girls! The girls loved how clean and soft their faces felt after they removed their masques!

For more information or to order 7th Heaven Naturals Facial Masques, please see the websites listed below.

Disclosure: I was given product for this review. Read my disclosure policy here.

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