Gazelle: Earn $5 extra in cash for trading in devices valued $25 or more

Did you know that if all of the smartphones and tablets produced in 2013 were laid end to end, they would encircle the globe more than four and a half times? Earth Month is upon us and many people are searching for a way to do some good for the environment but don’t know where to start. 

According to Gazelle's most recent customer survey, nearly 64% of smartphone users recycle, trade in, or reuse their phone when they are done with it. That's up from 54% a year ago, but it still leaves about 38,000 miles worth of phones and tablets unaccounted for. Why not earn some cash for those devices you no longer use while helping to save the planet by selling your item to Gazelle!

Gazelle offers a fast and easy way for consumers to get cash for their used electronics, and from now until 4/30 you can earn $5 extra in cash for trading in devices valued $25 or more. More than 600,000 consumers have used Gazelle to sell nearly one million gadgets. Visit Gazelle today, earn some extra cash, and do your part to help save the earth. 

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