PEEPS Fun Facts, Review and Recipes

Spring is officially in the air, regardless of the fact that many of you have had snow over the last few days. Not only does my calendar say that spring arrived a few days ago, but the grocery store shelves do too! 

The candy aisle and end caps are bursting with pinks, blues, and yellows---PEEPS are everywhere, a sure sign that spring is here and that Easter is right around the corner!

The 'sweet' folks over at PEEPS sent me a goody box packed with every flavor imaginable to try (including Party Cake!).

Sure you can just pull them out of the package and eat them, but I decided to get a little creative and make "Peeps in a Cloud".

Now, this next part could be a little graphic for the younger children---so continue with caution!

 Cut the Peeps into small pieces

I promise, they didn't feel a thing!

Add Cool Whip and mix with Peeps

Even though PEEPS are fat free, you can add some blueberries to give it a little healthy kick!

My favorite was the Chocolate Mousse Chicks! 

And I will confess, I ate every single one in the package---there were only three!

I did stuff one chick between graham crackers and made a 'smore too!

These delectable treats can be found nationwide at grocery and mass retailers, PEEPS & Company retail stores or at

Fun Facts:
  • In 1953, it took 27 hours to create one PEEPS® Marshmallow Chick.  Today, thanks to advances in technology, it takes six minutes.
  • There are enough PEEPS® Brand Marshmallow Candies made in one year to circle the earth twice.
  • In the late 1950's PEEPS® wings were "clipped" to give them a sleek, modern look.
  • PEEPS® Brand Candies have been the #1 non-chocolate brand at Easter for over 20 years*.   
  • Yellow is America's best selling color of PEEPS® chicks and bunnies.
  • Yellow and white PEEPS® chicks and bunnies came first, followed by pink, lavender, blue, green and orange.
  • PEEPS® branded products have made celebrity appearances on many programs including: Good Morning America, The Today Show, CBS Sunday Morning, The Early Show, Saturday Night Live, Martha Stewart, Ellen, South Park, and The Daily Show.
  • If you had 8,000 PEEPS® bunnies, and you stood them in a straight vertical line, you could reach the top of the Sears Tower in Chicago.
  • PEEPS® have become gourmet favorites as fondues, Crème Brulee ingredients and cappuccino toppings!

Check out their website,, to see fun ways others use PEEPS® in recipes, crafts and artwork sharing their own #peepsonality!

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