Dollar General Deal

Anyone shop the penny items at Dollar General? If you do not know what penny items are, it is when items are discontinued and Dollar General employees are supposed to pull them from their shelves.

Many times these items get overlooked and are left on the shelf---if you have the items in your cart and they ring up for a penny---they have to sale it to you. I know many people do this and I have a few times.

I have been told buy only ONE Dollar General employee that these items are sent back to corporate for donations----I have been told buy SEVEN Dollar General employees ( yes, seven) that they are taken out back and put into a dumpster!

Each store may be different!

Some people say it is wrong, and I can see how some may think this, but here is my thinking----the employees missed it and it will probably go in the dumpster anyways--mine or your gain!

I will not post all the penny deals, but here is one that I stumbled upon that is worth mentioning.

**You may or may not find this deal at your local store!
**Do not go to Dollar General asking about this because then they do not have to sale it to you!

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