Kmart 99 cents for Jeans, 10 Cents for undies (kids, women and men) 10 cents - 59 cents for socks!

So, if you haven't heard, some people are finding incredible deals at Kmart this week. I have been wanting to get in to Kmart to check these deals out, so I had just a few minutes to run in this afternoon. I am thinking about going back later when I have more time to look.

I found the above socks for 59 cents each today. The lady checking out in front of me bought 2 pairs of Ladies Route 66, Curve, jeans for 99 cents each.

The downside to all of this is that the merchandise is NOT marked. So you have to price check every item!

Things that I have seen people getting are:
Ladies Route 66, Curve, jeans 99 cents
Undies (kids, women and men), 10 cents, single pairs for a penny
Socks  10 cents - 59 cents for socks!
Purses for 10 cents
Tank tops for a penny

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