The Story of Luke

Believe it or not my husband had to talk me into having children---I know most women want them and I wanted a child---eventually. My husband would say, "Becca wouldn't it be cute having a little two year old walk up to you and ask for some cheerios?" While my husband would say this to me, he would talk it in a little child's voice. My husband's cute voice worked and we found out we were expecting on my husband's birthday!

Well, 18 years later that little foot pictured above has turned into a size 11 and eating steak instead of cheerios!

Here is the story of Luke:

This time 18 years ago, I was very pregnant, blood pressure was on the rise and our first baby was due in three days. My doctor wanted me to try to go in to labor on my own. He suggested I try to 'walk' myself into labor, and if that didn't work try eating a lot of food, thinking that might trigger something. (got to love a doctor like that!)

I walked and walked and ate and ate, but to no avail, still no baby. With this being our first child, I really wanted to go into labor on my own, but this baby and The Lord had other plans!

The next morning, (7:00AM) October 31st, we checked into the hospital, got settled into our room and I was on cloud nine---I just knew that we would be holding our baby boy by the end of the day. The doctor and nurses came in to check on me; I remember the doctor saying,"Looking good---let's have this baby today." I just smiled and thought Sure! I remember telling my husband, I think I should be in some sort of pain, or something if we were having this baby anytime soon---at least that is what happens on the TV! I was so naive, first baby and didn't have a clue what to expect!

At 10:00AM the nurses come back in and tell me things are fixing to start rolling! Huh, What? Wait a minute....first time doing this; what does that mean, still in no pain, and things are suppose to start rolling?

Within the next five minutes, the doctor comes in, breaks my water, squeezed my big toe and says, "Now the fun begins!" Oh the things I remember. :)

I had decided with our first baby, I wanted to go natural (no pain meds!) At about 11:15AM I had my first intense contraction, and wondered why I decided on no pain meds! Most of the afternoon was intense (but fun) with my hubby right by my side.

There were several friends and relatives in and out of the room all afternoon----I was told there was a big party going on in the waiting room; all waiting for Lucas' arrival.

At 4:00PM I was having one contraction after another---only a few seconds apart.

At 4:20PM Lucas was born. I got to hold him for a few minutes before the nurses took him to clean him up, weigh him, etc... Before that moment I had never experienced anything like that before---a love that only a mother and a child could experience.

at 6 months

The saying time flies is so true, I remember this birth like it was yesterday. 

::A note to Lucas: (because I know that he will be reading this)
Dear Son, 
Happy birthday a few hours early. I cannot believe that you are turning 18. WOW! Your daddy and I are so proud of the young man that you have become! I love you! 
~Love your favorite Mom! 

Happy 18th birthday!!!

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