One "Store Trick" that You Should NEVER Fall For!

You can call it what ever you want to call it, but I simply just call it a store trick. This "Store Trick" happens with all stores in some way or the other. Notice the picture above, the bright yellow color with the words "Low Price" caught my eye as I was walking the aisles of one of my local stores. The bag of candy was, what I would call, a medium size bag. I thought $6.39 was a bit high for a good sale price.

That was my first big mistake, no where on the sign does it say "sale price." I fell for it, because I saw "Low price" in yellow, my brain automatically thought this bag of candy was on sale. DO NOT fall for this "trick"----I pulled back the sign, and the candy was not on sale at all! The regular price was the same as the "Low Price" $6.39. (SEE PICTURE BELOW!) There was NO change in price whatsoever!

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