Couponing 101: Learn how Below

In order to become a good couponer, you must first realize that coupons are money. If your throw $1 coupon away, you are throwing $1 in actual money away.

::You must also know your store's coupon policy---never go into a store ready to coupon without knowing their coupon policy first.

::Next you need to have a good stash of coupons, you can get them from the Sunday paper, print them etc.. If you do decide to print or order coupons from a clipping service, wait until you know what is on sale at your local grocery store first unless it is a really good value coupon $1 or more then print away ( you are aloud two prints per computer, iPhone, ipad, etc...)

::Now that you know your store's coupon policy and you have your coupons, now you need to organize them, can put them in a binder, carry along box, envelopes or organize them by store---try different ways to see what works for you. I have done several different ways and actually like to carry mine in a small accordion or even in an envelope if they are clipped. If I have whole inserts, I file them by date and only clip the ones I need when I am heading to the store.

::How many "Like" coupons do you need?
If you are just starting to coupon I suggest one coupon per person in your family. If there are only 3 people in your family, you will need 4 like coupons (always round up, not down and remember to have an even number of coupons for the buy one get one free sales).

*Another reason to have more than 1 of the same coupon is because when you get your first free tube of toothpaste---you will be hooked and I guarantee you will have wished you had another coupon.

::Now that we have our coupons, whether from the Sunday paper or from online AND we know our store’s coupon policy, AND we know what is on sale, whether looking at the sales ad or following a local deal blogger (just Google it to find one); let’s go to the store.

First thing you will need to do is get a store loyalty card, if you already don’t have one---you will only get sale prices and if your store doubles coupons, your coupons will {ONLY} double with this card.

*Again I cannot stress enough to know your stores policy. Many stores double coupons--some do not. *Many stores will accept a manufacture coupon and a store coupon. This is called “stacking.”
*Many stores will accept an eCoupon, manufacture coupon and a store coupon for ONE item…talk about savings!

::Coupon Verbiage! You really need to know what the words on the coupons mean. If you are new to couponing, you will really want to read this blog post of mine.

::We have our coupons ready, we have them organized and understand the wording on the coupons; now we are off to the store, we are {ONLY} using our coupons on sale items , right?

The best sale is a “Buy One Get One Free Sale” this kind of sale is already putting your grocery item at 50% off, use your manufacturer coupon to get it for 60% off or possibly even free.

Use manufacturer Coupon, store coupon and ecoupon to get it for free plus overage if your store allows

Now just think, what if you had 10 coupons and got 10 things for free---or 20 coupons and get 20 items for free.

Oh wait it get's even better, What if your item only cost $1 on sale, you have $1 manufacturer coupon and $1 store coupon YOU WILL MAKE $10! The $1 man. coupon makes it free, and the $1 store coupon makes it $1 overage for each one that you have.

Most stores will want you to use that overage on other items in your cart/buggy. So think, free milk, free diapers, free laundry detergent.

Oh wait, what if you have 50 of each of these coupons, that's $50 overage!

Again it is important to know your store's coupon policy, some stores will only allow 10 or 20 sale items per transaction...but you can certainly stand there and do multiple transactions.

And last but not least, whether you are just starting your coupon journey or have couponing for a while, you really need to be using this program. You will save even more with SavingStar---I just love it! Click here to check it out for free!

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