Extreme Couponing Tip: Special Order When You Need Large Quantities

Are you wanting to stock up on a specific item but don’t want to clear the shelf? Place a special order!

Most stores in my area are pretty well stocked on sale items, but if your store usually runs out on the first day of the sale or if you’ll be buying more than 10 or 12 of an item, consider calling the store and placing a special order. The store will order in the amount you would like, and you can pick it up and pay for it when it comes in. Simply follow these steps for successful special ordering:

1. Determine the number of products you would like to buy, and make sure to have the right amount of coupons you’ll need.

2. Call or visit the store to set up a special order. Request to speak with a manager, preferably the freight manager. State that you want to special order _x_ number of products, and specify the size and flavor/variety you would like. You’ll want to call the day before or the day the sale starts so you’ll have enough time to get the products in.

3. The manager will take down your name and number and give you the probable delivery day. Make sure you also write down the manager’s name and the stated day.

4. When you go to the store, go to customer service and let them know you’re there to pick up your special order. Once you have your items, you can check out like you normally would or sometimes customer service will check you out right then and there---talk about being quick in the grocery store.
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  1. Most coupons now say a limit of 4 of a kind.So how can you buy in bulk??

  2. True, some coupons do say limit 4 coupons per just do multiple transactions. Say if you have 20 like coupons, just do 5 transactions.

  3. what if the coupon is only allowing 4 of any “like” coupons to be used in one shopping trip? I've looked all over for this answer. One would think, then I could only special order 4 of said item. Or is there a way to make it work?

    1. **Answer: It means you are only aloud 4 like coupons per trip---which means different transactions and some stores will even make you leave with your first transaction, put your items in the car, and then return to the store to do the next transaction.

      But what {{{usually happens}}} is this, when you are preodering large quantities....If your have coupons that say that, point that out to management before placing an order----in most cases, management will want you to do just one transaction instead of multiple transactions, just to get you out the door and not hold up the line. And most times they will have customer service check you out.