Zim's Product Review and Giveaway

This giveaway is now over....
I have to be honest, I had never heard of the Zim's brand of products before, until a couple of weeks ago when I was asked to review some of their products.

I love trying new products, and normally do not let my teens try new products until they have been proven to work, not to mention safe to use. However, I did let my oldest try one of these products;  because when I received the products I immediately noticed that the Zim's brand use naturally-based products, like Aloe, Vitamin E and Tea Tree oil and others. So I was impressed by that and felt like it was safe for him to use!

Prior to receiving these Zim's products, my oldest son enjoys lifting weights, and had pulled or strained a muscle in his upper arm/shoulder area and had been taking over the counter meds to try and get it to stop hurting--nothing was working! Sure the meds would ease the pain for a while but then it would come back. I suggested that he try this Zim's Max-Free product that I had just received and he gave it a try---he used it for two days and has not complained any more about the pain, he says his shoulder is fine now. Woot!

I have been using the Zim's Crack Creme on mine and my husbands feet---my feet were only a little dry and after a couple of days of using the Crack creme, my feet are now very soft--I continue to use it, because I really like it. Buy what is amazing are my husband's feet! {I begged my husband to let me take a picture of his feet before he started using the crack cream---but he said no!} The bottom of his feet have always been terribly dry, sometimes even cracked, hard calluses on his big toes and heels---after only a few days of using Zim's Crack Cream, the bottom of his feet are smooth, no dryness, no cracks, and his calluses are softening some.

So no more of sleeping next to my husbands dry feet thanks to Zims!--After all, 19 years of dry feet is enough!

Zim's has a lot of great products available, { I cannot wait to try their lip products!}you can check out all of their products on their website, they are also on Facebook and Twitter.

The Giveaway:
One awesome Swappin' Spoons Reader will win 3 Zim's products, 1 Crack Creme, 1 Max-Freeze, and 1 Maximum Heat.

To Enter: You can receive up to 3 entries!
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This giveaway will end on March 14, 2013 at 11:59PM. Good Luck!

Everyone can click HERE to print a $2/1 coupon to try these products.

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