Coupon Verbiage--What the Words Really Mean?

Whether you are new to couponing or a long time pro at it, sometime the verbiage on the coupon can be confusing---and it shouldn't be. I see a lot of confusion with two different kinds of people, the actual couponer and the employees at the store.

Before I started teaching coupon classes, I just assumed that because the coupon verbiage was clear to me, that it was to everyone else--WRONG!

For the cashiers, at the store, that have been scared to death by their managers to be sure not take any coupons that are not for the products that the person is actually buying----this is why the cashier will take several minutes to scan your coupons and cause a long line to form behind you---but they fear for their job, so they do what their boss tells them and rightfully so!

Management should train their cashiers how to read coupons--literally! And not put fear into them!

For the new couponer---someone that is trying to save money, or maybe trying to jump right into extreme savings, but the wording is so confusing---OY!---hopefully this post will help you.

Most people understand that $0.50/1 means 50 cents off of one item--which will double to $1 at most grocery stores; and that $0.50/2 means $0.50 off two items ( so you have to buy 2 of the same items to use the $.50/2 coupon (this coupon will also double at most grocery stores).

Here's a couple of confusing ones .....
::Coupon says $0.50/1 Dawn Dish soap Limit 1 coupon per purchase
This means 1 coupon per item you buy, if you want 10 Dawn dish soaps, then you will need to use 10 coupons. 1 Coupon per Dawn Dish Soap bought.

::Coupon says $0.50/1 Dawn Dish soap Limit 1 coupon per transaction
 If you want 10 Dawn dish soaps, per the coupon, you will need to do 10 separate transactions.
-Honestly most stores will let you do just one transaction, but per the coupon, you would have to do 10 separate transactions.

I hope this helps you new couponers some---and you managers at my local grocery stores ( I know you read my blog posts and I am happy to have you here!)

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