Costco Membership --- Is it Worth It?

I wish I could say there is a definite “Is Costco Worth It?” answer, but for each family the answer will be different. My advice is get your price book out and track your grocery spending. In about 60-days you will see if the $55 Costco Membership is worth it.

After years of shopping the sales and using coupons at the grocery stores, it would be safe to guess, that 80% of groceries, health and beauty, and cleaning supplies sold at Costco can be purchased for less at a regular store on sale with a coupon.

I know that I will shock all of my friends with what I am about to say, but our family recently purchased a Costco membership---yep, we sure did!

After purchasing our membership, we didn't have much time before the store closed, but from what little time we had I noticed some things that I think I am going to enjoy about Costco--yes, enjoy!

::Extra big carts

::Samples around every aisle

::Organic items. Costco has a large and very competitive prices on their selection of organic veggies, meats, flour, staples, etc.

::Costco’s Kirkland's Brand rocks---at least what we bought this past weekend we have liked! No disappointment here!

::The Other stuff, while walking quickly through the aisles I noticed the many non food items like dishes, suitcases, frames, presents, clothes, appliances, towels, kitchen rags and hand towels, bikes, etc. If you watch your prices, Costco had a few amazing deals on the “other” stuff.

::Costco Coupons--Costco comes out with a coupon book about every 45 days. Using these coupons can mean a savings and tip the scale to being cheaper than the local grocery store on sale with a coupon--but be careful, just because you have a coupon doesn't always mean cheaper prices either---so be careful with this one!

::If your Costco sells gasoline, you will pay between 3 and 5 cents less per gallon than other local gas stations.

::The in-store restaurant---grab lunch, or dinner after shopping...we noticed the huge pieces of pizza, soda and hot dog for under $4.00.

So is a Costco membership worth the $55 yearly membership fee?---depends on your family. :)

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