Free eBook: Better to Be Broken

Through the end of today, 10/03/12, you can download a free eBook, Better to Be Broken to your Kindle.

I highly recommend this eBook.

If you do not have a Kindle, you can download a free reading app that will allow you to download this free eBook to your PC, Blackberry, iPhone, Ipad, etc...

Book Description:

A broken body. A mended spirit. An unforgettable message. Rick Huntress had everything--and he had nothing. He was a self-centered man living a selfish life, until one fateful day when his whole world changed. A horrific accident left Rick in a wheelchair. But this tragic moment became a blessing. God touched Rick's heart, opening a door of ministry for those with broken spirits in need of healing. This is the story of one man's awakening into the light of God's love and his hope-filled message that everyone should experience. Read Rick's inspiring story; your life will never be the same. Foreword by Dr. John Vaughn

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