Another Sneak Peek into Some of our Stockpile

Last week I gave you a sneak peek into some of our stockpile, so I thought I would share more of it with you.

As you all know, I coupon and love it; and for what I do it is extreme for us--I stock up when things are free or expensive. I do not buy hundreds of the same item. I leave items on the shelf and what we will not use--I give away.

Couponing is just plain fun!

People that say a pack of toilet paper lasts them for a month must not have children or .... well lets just leave it at that! We go through toilet paper like crazy in our home! :)

You can get StayFree for free at Dollar General this week (through 9/23)! This is what I stocked up on this week! :)

I keep at stockpile of toilet tissue, and then I keep some 'ready to use' above the washer and dryer. :)

Do you stockpile? If so, I would love to see soem pictures of your stockpile.

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