Dollar Tree to accept Manufacturer Coupons---It's a Big Deal in more ways than One!

Yesterday, I did a wall post over on the Swappin' Spoons Facebook Page that Dollar Tree will start taking manufacturer coupons starting Sunday, 8/26/12. 

This is a huge deal for all us coupon shoppers, because the store has nothing priced over a $1 in it. That means a lot of free or $0.50 or less deals on name brand products; I am especially excited about the cleaning supplies.

But in the same respect, it is a huge deal for the Dollar Tree stores. I suspect that their business is going to pick up, in great numbers too. With this being new in most stores, (this has only been tested in a few stores) the employees are probably going to be a bit frazzled until all the bugs are worked out.

This morning, I have called six local Dollar Tree stores, and all six of them have told me the same exact thing...yes, they are suppose to start this on Sunday, 8/26/12,  but no one has come in and configured their computers/cash registers yet.

I, along with many of you, are very excited about Dollar Tree accepting manufacturer coupons now, but there will be a few bugs that need to be worked out before things are able to run smoothly.

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