10 Portable Disposable Instant Charcoal Grills for $3 Each Shipped

10 EZ Grill Portable Disposable Instant Charcoal Grills for $23.99 with Shipping of $6.99 – making each grill ONLY $3 each! These are great for Tailgating!

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With EZ Grill you can now have great tasting grilled food without the mess and hassle of using a large grill. Avoid having to use those clunky portable grills or the unsanitary grills at a park. EZ Grill also contains 100% natural charcoal unlike other brands that use charcoal with added chemicals that can then get into your food. Since EZ Grill is portable;disposable and convenient it's ideal for any occasion; even at home in your own backyard.  EZ Grill includes everything you need for fast;easy grilling.

•Lights with one match
•Cooks for up to 1.5 hours
•100% Natural Charcoal
•Perfect for tailgate parties
•All natural charcoal; no chemicals, additives or fillers that would leave nasty residue on food
•Great charbroiled taste with no nasty fuel residue on food
•we use plant products vs trees or sawdust
•12.2" x 9.8" x 2"
Limit one case per order

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