Learn to Coupon -- Part 1

Recently, I have been receiving emails from people overwhelmed wanting to learn how to coupon, many are mislead whether by watching "that show" or by friends that coupon the wrong way. I am always happy to help---thus my decision to start a series on how to coupon the right way.

Part 1:

To begin your couponing journey, you will need to have a good stash of coupons. The easiest place to get coupons is from the Sunday paper. You can also ask your friends for their coupon inserts, use a clipping service or get them off of Ebay.

If you decide to get your coupon inserts from the Sunday paper, you will need to buy more than one paper. I always suggest buying an even number of papers to give you an even number of coupon inserts, mainly because of all the Buy one get one free deals.

Another reason to have more than 1 of the same coupon is because when you get your first free tube of toothpaste---you will be hooked and I guarantee you will have wished you had another coupon.

So how many "Like" coupons do you need?
If you are just starting to coupon I suggest one coupon per person in your family. If there are only 3 people in your family, you will need 4 like coupons (always round up, not down and remember to have an even number of coupons for the buy one get one free sales).

You will also want to "Stock Up" on free items or close to free items when you can, so that you will not have to run back out the following week and pay full price for an item.

To maximize your savings ALWAYS use your coupons on items that are on sale NEVER use a coupon on a full price item!

Do you have a coupon tip that you would like to share with someone just starting their coupon journey, if so please share.

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