Publix Coupon Policy Updated

Publix has updated their coupon policy again and I wanted to point out twonew items that they have added---all for the good of course!

Here are the two items that caught my eye:

Rain Checks and Coupons
Q: A customer presents a rain check and a coupon for an item. The coupon is now expired, but was valid on the date the rain check was issued. Can the coupon still be accepted?

A: Yes.

Private Label
Q: Will Publix accept a competitor's coupon for a private label item?

A: Yes, this is an opportunity for us to introduce our customer to Publix brand products
 **So in other words. if there is a BiLo coupon for Southern Home canned veggies, Publix will allow you to use that coupon on the Publix canned veggies!
Read and print the whole Publix Coupon Policy HERE.

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