Pea Salad

The weather is getter warmer here in South Carolina, so I. Have been going through my recipes, looking for simple and refreshing recipes. I came across my pea salad recipe.

Here is the recipe:
1-frozen bag of sweet peas
1/2 cup of light ranch dressing
1- onion, chopped finely
bacon - chop into small pieces. I use a whole pk. of microwave bacon (you could use more or less---Cook in microwave and pat any fat off.

Mild Cheddar cheese, as much as you want

-Fill a pot half way up with water and heat to boiling, once boiling put the frozen peas in and return to boiling, once boiling AGAIN - cook for one minute! Drain and cool peas by rinsing with cold water...YOU HAVE TO GET THESE COOL or they will melt the cheese!

-stir in ranch, next put in bacon and onion, mix well.
- toss with cheese

*I put ours in the fridge and let it get cold for a few hours before eating. We like it best cold - perfect for a hot, summer day! Of course, you can eat it as soon as you make it. :-)

**I always double the recipe and we eat on it for a couple of days

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