1,000 ways to Save Money - Part 4

*If you missed part 3, you can go here

#27 Stick to your budget and do not budge - resist that sale.

#28 Check your pantry
Before going to the store, take inventory of your pantry so you will NOT buy what you already have on hand.

#29 Make a list and stick with it
Before going grocery shopping, scan you grocery sales ad , make a list as to what is on sale and stick with it. I have found that it is easier for me to 'stick' to my list if my husband and children stay home. I enjoy shopping with my family, but if I do not have any budging room then it is better for me to go shopping by myself.

#30 If you have some budging room in your budget, then stock up on sale items.
When I have extra money left over from previous shopping trips and I come across a very good sale or I can use coupons to get something really cheap, then I stock up. For example, once I bought 22 cans of Starkist Tuna (on sale for $0.33 a can). I have been known to walk out of a store with 12 packages of Kotex pads (all free after sale and using coupons). Today I bought 3 candles (I got all 3 of them for free by using coupons only, they were not on sale.) Now did I really need all 3 candles, well, probably not, but I will use them over time OR I could give them away!

#31 Buy bigger than smaller -- in some cases
For example, buy a big bag of chips instead of buying individual bags for each person. The larger bag of chips will last longer and go farther then the small individual bags. If you have children at home then you give them the amount of chips that you want them to have. I have to do this or mine would eat the whole bag in one sitting!

#32 Ask for lower prices on damaged goods
I have asked the Produce manager to lower the price of apples and bananas before. Anytime that I find bruised apples I go find the produce manager and ask him if he could lower the price of the apples because they are bruised. I will usually have handful of bruised apples and show him that they are indeed bruised and usually he will lower the price, quiet a bit too! There was a time in my life to where I would have been embarrassed to have even think of doing this, for the fear of hearing the word NO! But over time I have realized that NO is just a little two letter word and that's it....nothing more, nothing less. It never hurts to ask!

OK, now it is your turn. I would love to hear how you save money, so please leave a comment telling us how you save money.


  1. Great tips! I am a big fod stockpiler and I can not imagine what my food bills would be otherwise!

  2. Great tips, Thanks!