SHOEPS | STOCKING STUFFER for your Holiday Gift Guides at just $10

SHOEPS are flexible elastic snap-on gizmos that replace traditional shoelaces. They come in a variety of colors and fit neatly in sneakers. Ideal for the weekend athlete, kids who have trouble tying laces or anyone who wants to clean up or customize the look of their shoes. ($10 per pair at

SHOEPS are a unique and convenient way to securely fasten shoes with ease and style. They are the perfect STOCKING STUFFER for your holiday gift guides at just $10!

Shoeps can make a fashion statement. Mix and match to represent favorite sports team, celebrate a holiday or show your school spirit.

Shoeps are great for athletes who don’t want to worry about the inconvenience of re-tying their shoes during a sporting activity. Activities like soccer, baseball, basketball, running and hiking can all benefit.

Shoeps are great for kids who can’t tie their shoes or for a parent who worries about kids tripping on laces.

Shoeps have been recognized by the Autism Society of San Diego to help increase independence. They replace traditional shoelaces with a flexible silicon shoelace band that utilizes the existing shoe eyelet holes. The responsive bands conform to both your shoes and the motion of your feet, transforming every shoe into a convenient slip on that solves tripping over laces.

Shoeps are available in 11 colorways for $10. Each pack comes with 14 bands, enough to lace a pair of adult shoes or more than a pair of kid’s shoes.

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