Last Minute Gift Ideas from ALDI

This post is sponsored by ALDI; written by me to encourage you with some last minute gift ideas for this holiday season.

With it being three days before Christmas, I still have gifts to purchase for friends and family. While I will admit, it is easier going out and buying something, wrapping it up to give to someone; I enjoy making several of our gifts for gifting.

I can remember as a child my mother baking goodies and gathering fruit and nuts to make gift baskets for our neighbors. Of course, she handed that down to me and I to one of my daughters---our youngest daughter does a lot of baking during the holiday season and gives what she makes as gifts to her friends.

I do a lot of my shopping at ALDI and I just love the fruit they carry! For many years now, people have received several 'last minute' fruit baskets from our family as their Christmas gifts.

Each year we bake several loaves of banana bread for the holiday season, and many people have received my banana bread over the years as homemade gifts from our family. ALDI has all the ingredients that I need to make this scrumptious bread. My local ALDI store even carries wrapping paper and ribbon to wrap this bread up in.

For my banana bread, I usually will just wrap it in foil and tie a pretty ribbon around the loaf. I have done this for several years for some of our friends that we go to church with and when they see me or one of our children pulled these foil packs out of the bag---they know what it is and are thrilled to receive it.

For those of you that do not like to bake or even arrange fruit in a basket, fear not! ALDI still has you covered, simply take a basket and fill it with other ALDI products.  For the pasta lover, make them a pasta basket filled with pasta, sauce, cheese, bread etc.

For the cheese lover, buy several different cheeses, stack them on top of each other and tie a festive ribbon around them--no need for a basket either if you just wanted to use ribbon.

If you are buying for someone that has a sweet tooth, like my husband, ALDI has a vast assortment of candies, cookies and chocolate covered nuts that would look sweet in any basket. Tie a few pieces of ribbon or twine around a few pieces of the sweet stuff and it will look like you spent a fortune on it all while paying ALDI prices.

ALDI carries their brand of items along with some national name brand items too, occasionally you will find clothes, luggage, kitchen and other house hold items while shopping at ALDI--which is always a fun experience for me, as I usually always bring something unique home from my shopping trip.

So go ahead, gather yourself a basket and some pretty ribbon too, head to ALDI for some spectacular prices and unique items and make your family, friends and neighbors a gift basket they are sure to love!

ALDI has come a long way since it made its first debut in the small mining town of Essen Germany. To locate an ALDI store near you, just CLICK HERE.

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