Lexar JumpDrive a *MUST* have for Back to School

With school days being right around the corner, we all need to make sure our children are prepared for their classes. We have all teenagers, three in high school and one starting his second year of college and their school needs (not wants!) are pretty much the same except for a few 'College" items differ for our oldest.

We have found a USB flash drive is a must with our children, especially when doing research papers. They can type their papers up at school, save them on the flash drive and then print the papers when needed.

Our family was recently sent the Lexar JumpDrive S23 16GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive to try and it's one of the smallest USB 3.0 drives that I have ever used! It quickly transfers my photos, videos, and files faster than other JumpDrives that I have tried. The drive features a slim, retractable design, and folks, it is very fast!

I talked about it so much that my husband took it to work with him----Sorry Kids! I guess we will have to get you another one!

The Lexar JumpDrive S23 16GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive comes in a range of colors, and is available in capacities from 8GB-64GB. We have ( or maybe I should say, my husband has) the 16GB and seems to be "Big" enough for our needs. You can buy the Lexar JumpDrive S23 16GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive on their website or over on Amazon.

Amazon actually has the 16GB on sale right now for just $14.99 (was $39.99).

To find a Lexar JumpDrive S23 16GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive for your or your child's smart device check their website out here.

Disclosure: I was given product coupons to purchase this product for this review. Read my disclosure policy here.


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