Comfort Revolution Pillowcase Review

Several times through out the night I wake up catching myself turning my pillow over to the cooler side. A cooler pillow just feels good to my face and head; plus I tend to sleep better when I am cool!

I received the Queen size Hydraluxe Cool Pillow Case from Comfort Revolution for this review. I was really surprised at how heavy this pillow case is. I knew right away that this was no typical pillow case cover.

The Hydraluxe Cool Case by Comfort Revolution is a pillowcase with built-in cooling gel technology that adds soothing comfort to any pillow. The gel lining zips in and out for easy cleaning of the outer cover. The advanced gel technology stays cool to the touch to aid in total muscle relaxation. A revolution in cool, our Hydraluxe gel sleeps cooler, so you fall asleep faster and wake refreshed.

The pillow case itself is machine washable and to clean the gel lining just wipe it down with a wash rag---simple to use and simple to maintain!

The Hydraluxe Cool Case by Comfort Revolution is affordable and available in standard size for $19.99, queen size for $29.99 and king size: $39.99. Order from and get free shipping too! I'm thinking about getting all four of my teens one of these pillow cases, so they can get a good night's sleep before school.

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